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The One That Got Away...
Until He Didn't

August 16, 2022

Paul and Jen are a happily married couple living a simple suburban life until a new family moves in down the street. The family's son, Ronnie, turns up one sunny day, offering to help out with gardening but Jen has other plans for the handsome mixed-race young man. While their flirtations turn more intense, things take another unexpected twist when she discovers that his father is an ex-boyfriend of hers... the man she considers 'the one that got away.'

Will she continue to pursue the good-looking Ronnie, or will she turn her attention to the second chance she might have with her old flame? Or will she take both opportunities? Her husband, Paul, can only look on in amazement as Jen explores her sexuality right in front of his eyes... literally.

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Author of Cuckold and Hotwife Erotica

Paul Garland is an author of erotic novels and short stories, guaranteed to keep you turning the lust-filled pages until the early hours of the night. He lives with his wife and two children in a small house in the suburbs of Sheffield, England along with a lazy green budgerigar, an African Grey parrot that curses and a tubby tabby cat which would love to eat either. (Preferably the vulgar-tongued parrot.) ​ Paul's sexually explicit erotica books explore horny hotwives and the cuckold husbands that love them. You can purchase and read them them across eBook stores such as Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, Smashwords and more.


“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf

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